Lash Specialist

Lilac and Lemon started in 2016 as a place for women to come and receive wonderful service with consistent results served with a smile! It has grown into just that! We are so happy to be able to serve the South bay and LA community! Lashes are the most effective way to boost your confidence and improve your quality of life with how easy it makes getting ready. Mary has an eye for detail and steady patience with the goal of getting every single eyelash to be matched with the perfect extension to deliver the most beautiful natural looking & enchanting lash line.

Mary’s Services:

  • Classic Eyelash Extensions

  • Brow Touch up

  • Sliming Facial Wax

  • Lash Lifts



Brow & Lash Lift Specialist

No matter what shape or size of the brow, Remy she sees it as a journey, with a little bit of patience and time the brow can reach its fullest potential! Remy has mastered Lash lifting and enjoys seeing the transformation of straight, unnoticeable lashes turn into lashes that pop and light up your eyes! Remy is a happy, positive, upbeat personality that we enjoy having as part of our team!

Remy’s Services:

  • Lash Lift

  • Brow Perfection (Shaping & Waxing)

  • Arm & Leg Waxing (Ditch the Razor!)

  • Body Waxing (Feel silk smooth)

  • Slimming Face Wax



Lash Specialist - Esthetician

Gabby’s passion is in doing beautiful lashes as well as enjoying the time spent with her guests! She believes in finding which lash will work best for you to make you feel the best can feel! She is a bubbly personality and a joy to have on our team.

Gabby’s services:

  • Lash extensions

  • Brows

  • Face & Arm waxing

  • Lash Lifts